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Network speed test with FreeNas

June 16, 2013

Here some  transfering rate about 400Gb in once, but remember it’s only a raid 1 with 2 disk 3Tb 7200rpm WD Green, not the best one for a NAS Build.

and the transfert was from a laptop with attached a hdd on usb to Freenas, so not so bad.

In fact it’s about 30Mb/s against 15Mb with Qnap.

here some screen:

Screenshot from 2013-06-15 19:14:53

What about ram? Yes I know, 4Gb for FreeNAS is not enough if you want use ZFS, I’m planning to add a 4Gb stick more, and one hdd maybe SSD for caching.


What about networking? Yes I’ve bundled the 2 port via LACP on Cisco, but this way you loose connection with the IPMI Management that is share across the ETH-01, I’m looking to get rid of it.

Screenshot from 2013-06-15 19:13:55

Now it’s time for a little trick: working last 2 week for the ESXi-lab with only a Jbod for testing purpose, now I need to copy my Datastore from a disk to the new 2Tb Raid-1, so I’m not so familiar with freeBSD, and googling around I’ve found this nice little trick, and I want to share:

From the FreeNAS shell or via ssh type:

  • rsync -av –log-file=/mnt/source/rsync.log /mnt/source /mnt/destination
Where :  --log-file  log detailed the end of operations
         /mnt/source is the mount point ZFS source disk
         /mnt/destination is the mount point ZFS destination disk

You have to wait a bit, depends on how many GB it has to clone.
Remember to look at the log at the end of operation.

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